Our Services


We are experts in the following areas:



Tax Consulting & Compliance

We help our clients KEEP MORE OF WHAT THEY EARN by creating aggressive tax minimization strategies that are legal, ethical and within the limits of the tax law. 

We are available all year to assist business owners and individuals to minimize taxes with our tax planning, tax advising and tax preparation services.  We offer all tax services including corporate, partnership, LLC, individual, sales and use tax, multi-state, etc. 
•  Strategic tax consulting
•  IRS and State Tax Commission problem resolution
•  Litigation support

BOOKKEEPING & Accounting

We provides complete accounting and management support services for the closely held company and its principal- depending on the client's needs. We will provide timely competent and relevant services including:

•    Bookkeeping Services
•    Preparing forecast, projections and budgets
•    Consulting relating to operational and management issues
•    Review the entity system of internal controls

business managers

Some successful artists employ a business manager to handle financial matters. We provide full service business management for the entertainment industry. Our flat fee pricing is a great solution for those that wish to get away from extreme hourly charge.   

Handle the day-to-day business
Taxes and tax planning
Long-range financial planning
Bookkeeping, banking, check writing, etc. 
Pay the artist’s bills, help the artist collect income         Retirement planning
Manage insurance (life and health), 
Investment analysis
Track and audit royalty accounts.
 Manages an artist's finances

A business manager is an essential member of your team. The level of involvement depends on an individual’s situation. As your situation evolves so should your relationship with your business manager.



incorporating and New Business Advisory

We provide consultation to select the right structure for your Company. There are significant tax savings that can be realized based on the nature of your business and the structure of your company. We will help you select the right structure to maximize tax savings. 
Our clients typically save taxes each year by using this two-step strategy: 
1.    Choosing and maintaining the right type of structure for your business: 
o    S-corporation
o    C-corporation
o    Partnership
o    Sole proprietorship
o    Limited Liability Company
2.    Implementing our ongoing quarterly or monthly accounting and tax services to secure the best possible tax position for the available benefits. 
Clients can come to us after they have already formed corporations or limited liability companies to take advantage of the unique tax benefits of each type. Effective tax planning and coordination save you money on taxes and keep you informed of your current financial position.